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Finding the right pair of work boots

April 04, 2022 3 min read

Finding the right pair of work boots
Buying a new pair of work boots is often something we tend to put off, but when it finally does come time to upgrade your boots, it’s best to give your choice a bit of extra thought. Because after all, you are in them all day, almost every-day. You want them to be comfortable, supportive & above all, protective. It’s also not always an easy task, with hundreds of styles on the market, it can often be confusing, so Worklocker Bacchus Marsh are here to help!
Start with finding the right boot for your occupation
Making sure your choice in work boot is fit for purpose is vital to the overall longevity of the boots. Not all work boots are created equal, and some are more suitable for your profession than others. It’s best to check out the safety features and narrow down your choices by deciding what is vital to protecting you from hazards in your workplace. Your employer should also be able to explain to you what is required from your boots on site. 
Lace up, zip sided or elastic-sided? 
The options are endless but going back to basics and deciding what style of boot you want can help narrow down your choices. Lace up boots generally provide more ankle support than elastic-sided work boots. Zip-sided and elastic-sided boots are easier to take on and off, making them a popular choice. 
Low-mid cut, ankle height or high leg? 
Now is time to think about the height of the boot. Some people prefer the lower cut boots because they want the comfort of a work boot but don’t necessarily need the full support of an ankle boot. But there is a reason why there are so many options when it comes to ankle height work boots and that is because they offer better overall support and comfort. High leg boots are designed for environments like docks, oil rigs or underground mine sites, or people who require superior ankle support. 
Finding the right fit
This can often be a bit tricky! Each brands sizing may differ from the brand you are used to. We recommend starting with the size you are used to wearing as this will give you an idea of whether you need to get a bigger or smaller size. We recommend when you’re trying new boots on, to make sure you tie the laces up completely as well as doing up the zip. Once you’re in the boots, bend your knee and push your foot to the front of the boot and see if you can fit an index finger behind your heel. Your index finger should fit snugly behind. Don’t forget, if you need extra width but not extra length, make sure you try the half size. If you’re still having trouble finding the right size of work boot, try pulling the innersole out of the boot and placing it on the floor. By then placing your foot (with your sock on) on the innersole, it can give you a better picture of where in the boot, your foot is sitting. 
Comfort is key
Whilst your boots have to protect you on site, they also should be comfortable. Did you know that your boots will absorb up to twice your bodyweight in force every day? By choosing the correct safety footwear, you should expect less body fatigue and increased productivity. Some brands even go that extra mile for you, offering a 30-day comfort guarantee. 
We’re here to help
Our team are here to help you. With expert knowledge and a huge range, you are bound to find the right pair of work boots at Worklocker Bacchus Marsh.